a dark rain’s gonna fall – b dylan

With the current thick cloud and heavy rain covering most of the United Kingdom, it’s hard to believe that way back in July 2016, the days and nights weren’t as hot and dry as they may now seem in retrospect. These shots from near midsummer were taken on what began as a dry evening but the rain soon started and rapidly increased. Despite my efforts to protect my camera with an umbrella, there is an obvious progression in the amount of water on the lens, resulting in some unexpected effects and proving that we shouldn’t let rain immediately rule out photography. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the most extreme example.








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confessions of a first time web developer

I’ve made my first foray into the murky world of web development. It started oh so innocently when I embedded a Google map into an .html page, creating a marker on the map that was centred slightly away from the venue location, and zoomed at an appropriate level. Then it suddenly escalated firstly to creating a Twitter follow button, then creating a Twitter timeline which I then embedded in another .html page. I blame Twitter for making it so easy and tempting me in. All I had to was cut and paste the code into the correct <div>. Now that I’ve started down this slippery slope, where will it all end?


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monomania at cambridge junction

I’m looking forward to Saturday’s Monomania Festival at Cambridge Junction, though that’s almost despite the advance publicity, which describes the festival as “a one-day international festival of solitary and obsessive creativity…” making it sound unfortunately like unhealthy teenage bedroom practices. The publicity goes on to add:

“…from meticulousness, self-sufficiency and DIY enthusiasm to all-consuming compulsions, rituals and isolation, solo artists across live art, live music, installations and sound explore the ways our personal obsessions and fixations pervade art and everyday life.”

which isn’t necessarily much better. But then it lists:

“See robots, balancing rocks, listen to pins drop, house music on Casio keyboards, indoor bamboo, Super 8 films, light controlled speakers, a telescope, crafted folk, experimental noise, and everything in between…”

So all in all, I’m still glad I’ve already bought my ticket.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this after the event.

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have you heard the one about…?

Seeing Frozen the other day, with its ubiquitous images of snowflakes and ice shards, made me think again of fractals and recursion, which in turn reminded me  of the old programming joke:

Q. What’s the definition of recursion?

A. recursion, n, see recursion

Which then reminded me of the other programming joke: there are only 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don’t. And that, in turn, led me to a Google search for programming jokes, which led me to this selection, most of which I hadn’t heard before.

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