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I went to another Dr Sketchy event in Nottingham on Saturday, not the best place to be given the street clashes between English Defence League marchers, anti-fascist demonstrators, police on horseback and in riot gear, and the unconnected but nearby parade by soldiers in desert camouflage celebrating a return home from a tour of duty.

Social unrest aside, the drawing event was less enjoyable than the previous one. The previous event was light-hearted, with good-humoured banter by the compere and performers, whereas Saturday’s event felt seedy, and I was embarrassed that I’d sat in the middle of the front row, as though determined to get as close to the flesh as possible. Nothing obscene took place – it just felt wrong. Titillating rather than bawdy.

I won’t claim that it was the result of my embarrassment, but my drawings were poor again, so I won’t be displaying them here.

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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 drawing No Comments

this is how it was

Photographic evidence, albeit with camera shake, that I went to the recent Dr Sketchy event in Nottingham. (The wobble is presumably due to low light levels rather than an over-excited photographer.) I’d post my drawing of that pose if it merited public display, but it doesn’t.

UPDATE 09 Nov 2009: Lots of photos and some video of the event now available on Dr Sketchy’s Facebook page, including one of me looking rather concerned. Presumably I’m not happy with my drawing. I’m looking forward to the next one in December.


Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 drawing No Comments

not the dry cleaner

I recently heard about Dr Sketchy‘s anti-art drawing classes, which are an attempt by an American to make drawing classes more fun. After researching these on the Internet, it appears that the phenomenon has already been to Manchester and faded away, and Nottingham was the only place near me which still holds them. Indeed, they’ve only just started in Nottingham, in August this year. So, not really knowing what to expect, I booked a place on the second one.

It turned out to be great fun, like drawing in a cabaret. The MC sang rude songs and was very funny, there was a stage assistant in drag, dressed as a waitress, a contortionist manoeuvred his shoulder in strange ways and there were some unusual and exotic ladies. We sat and drew them all, amid much music and hilarity. The poses ranged from two minutes to twenty, which meant that they could be more dramatic than ones that have to be held for longer.

The drawing abilities of people varied a lot, but there were several very good artists. It’s amazing how much they managed to draw in such a short time. My drawings weren’t great, but I really enjoyed it, and have booked for the next one in December. I’ll know for next time to sit more centrally rather than at the side, and to take some much softer pencils.

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Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 drawing No Comments