novelty waves

Matt Pearson aka zenbullets is a prolific coder and a writer with interesting insights. His 100 abandoned artworks have inspired me to create my own interactive pieces, and I enjoyed working with him on the Erasure exhibition four years ago. His book Generative Art is an excellent introduction to the subject, so it’s wonderful news that he’s recently found a publisher for his latest book, Novelty Waves, already available in eBook form.  I, for one, will be getting hold of a paper copy, since that’s my preferred format for reading, but the dead tree version isn’t  available quite yet, so I’ll have to go digitally initially. Even so, I think I’ve just found the first item  for my Christmas wish list!


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abandoned artworks

That nice zenbullets (see link in sidebar) sent me a postcard today, featuring fifty of his abandoned artworks (see other link in sidebar). It was a lovely surprise waiting for me on the doorstep when I got home from work. Cheers, Matt.


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