willen park

An unexpected day trip to Milton Keynes resulted in a very enjoyable day out. We walked the labyrinth by the peace pagoda in the park around Willen Lake, to find a deflated hot air balloon draped across the labyrinth path in preparation for an evening flight.

Milton Keynes031_small

It took us nearly an hour to walk the whole way to the centre, a¬†suitably peaceful and serene time, leading to meditation and contemplation. The experience provided me with another labyrinth route to incorporate in my mandala coding project (previously based solely on the turf path in Saffron Walden). Unlike Saffron Walden, though, the Milton Keynes path isn’t unicursal. There are unexplained cross bars joining sections of the path(or emphasising the quadrants, depending on your point of view). I haven’ t yet decided how to handle these in the path-following algorithm, but ignoring them would be simplest.

willen lake maze

I should make it clear that this image was not taken from the balloon flight that evening, it came courtesy of Google satellite view.


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