baf 09

I’ve just returned from the Bradford Animation Festival, where I saw some excellent films, some good films, some not so good films, some interesting films, some strange films and, as you’d expect, some downright bizarre films. Perhaps the best session, though, was the script-writing workshop led by Alan Gilbey.

Normally I hate group work, especially with strangers, because it’s usually treated as a pointless ice-breaker, but in this case the warm-up exercises really were a warm-up to idea generation and development sessions. I won’t be taking any of our proposals further, but I was impressed with how easily a group of strangers could encourage each other to develop some interesting ideas.


Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 animation, writing

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  • Tone says:

    sounds good to me. Now me – I like group work generally – although it sometimes feels uncomfortable.
    Hope you are good
    Do you fancy some soup sometime soon – how about this weekend?

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