novelty waves

Matt Pearson aka zenbullets is a prolific coder and a writer with interesting insights. His 100 abandoned artworks have inspired me to create my own interactive pieces, and I enjoyed working with him on the Erasure exhibition four years ago. His book Generative Art is an excellent introduction to the subject, so it’s wonderful news that he’s recently found a publisher for his latest book, Novelty Waves, already available in eBook form.  I, for one, will be getting hold of a paper copy, since that’s my preferred format for reading, but the dead tree version isn’t  available quite yet, so I’ll have to go digitally initially. Even so, I think I’ve just found the first item  for my Christmas wish list!


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baf 09

I’ve just returned from the Bradford Animation Festival, where I saw some excellent films, some good films, some not so good films, some interesting films, some strange films and, as you’d expect, some downright bizarre films. Perhaps the best session, though, was the script-writing workshop led by Alan Gilbey.

Normally I hate group work, especially with strangers, because it’s usually treated as a pointless ice-breaker, but in this case the warm-up exercises really were a warm-up to idea generation and development sessions. I won’t be taking any of our proposals further, but I was impressed with how easily a group of strangers could encourage each other to develop some interesting ideas.


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out of my brain on a train, 5:15 – r daltrey

For several weeks now, I’ve been waking up ridiculously early in the morning. At first, the times fluctuated a lot, but recently it seems to have settled down to around 5 or 5.15am.

I’ve learned, not surprisingly, that I ought to go to sleep early as a result. I haven’t yet managed, though, to overcome the mental resistance of going to bed before 10pm. It just doesn’t feel right. But there’s nothing much on television to keep me up, and if there is anything then On Demand internet provision is useful, so it’s purely ingrained thought patterns that I need to master.

At first, I was annoyed at waking so early, and would try to go back to sleep, usually unsuccessfully, but it’s actually useful. These days, I need to eat very slowly, so breakfast takes a long time. Waking early means that I can take my time and still walk to work at an early hour. It also means that I can resume my daily writing task, as advised by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. I haven’t actively missed writing over the last few weeks, but now that I’ve started again, I remember the benefits: calmer, clearer thoughts and freedom for ideas to filter through.

There is still much about the Artist’s Way that I find irritating or unacceptable, but the Morning Pages task has certainly helped me.

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